Saturday, October 14, 2017

homework eng

1.The wolf was surprised to see a big animal listening to a small animal
1.     a) because in animal world big animals usually obey small ones
2.     b) small animals usually obey big ones
3.     c) animals don’t obey one another

2.The buffalo admitted the man’s superiority because
1.     a) the man was very clever
2.     b) the man was very strong
3.     c) the man was from Lori

3.              The wolf didn’t understand that intelligence
4.     a) was something that couldn’t be seen
5.     b) was eaten with mutton
6.     c) was usually owned by buffaloes

4.              The moral of the fable is:
5.     a) an early bird catches the worm
6.     b) if you have strength you don’t need any intelligence
7.     c) you don’t have to be very strong if you are very intelligent

1.     Use the correct form of intelligent in each of the sentences.
Օգտագործեք intelligent բառի ճիշտ ձևերը տրված նախադասություններում:
intelligent, intelligence, intelligently
1.The man in the story was very intelligent
2.    He acted very intelligently when he tied up the wolf.
3.     The buffalo knew about the man’s intelligence
4.     It was not very intelligent  of the wolf to let the man tie him up.
III. Choose the correct additions to fill in the gaps
Ընտրեք ճիշտ ձևերը իրենց տեղերում:
Last summer I …1… to Ujan to spend my vacations there. My grandmother …2… me very warmly. The best time …3… to Ujan is, of course, August when peaches are ripe. They are so juicy and delicious in the orchards of Ujan. I had a very good time there with my village friends. Every day we went to the river and …4… there. I was sorry to return to Yerevan when it was time to start a new school year.

1.     a) was going b) went c) have gone
2.     a) met b) will meet c) is meeting
3.     a) is going b) to go    c) goes
4.     a) swim b) is swimming c) swam

1.     Choose the correct words or word combinations.
Ընտրեք ճիշտ բառերն ու բառակապակցությունները:
1.  I feel very well because I went to bed early … .
a) this evening b) tonight c) last night
2.  My mother will come home at 6 o’clock … evening.
a) in this b) this c) on this
3. The sun …. In the East.
a) rises always b) is always rising c) always rises
4. What …. On Sundays?
a) do Mary usually does b) Mary usually does c) does Mary usually do

1.     Match the lines of the columns Համապատասխանեցրեք թվով նախադասությունները տառերով նախադասություններին

1. I am very tired
a. I haven’t got a single free minute
2. I am very busy
b. If only you could give me a glass of water
3. I am very thirsty
c. I am exhausted
4. I am free now
d. I can be at your disposal

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